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Ecstatic dance is a method of somatic exploration that creates a safe container for individuals to heal through rhythm and movement. 

Depending on the facilitation, there are varying structures and guidelines to ensure the safe container.  At La Presencia, we prohibit talking, eating, drinking, smoking, and using cell phones (even for pictures) on our Dance Ground. 

We encourage going deep in your own process (we even offer blindfolds) and we also encourage connecting with others non-verbally through eye contact and/or body contact. Depending on your needs and desires, you can choose your own adventure! 

Let us remember and enliven the ancient wisdom of many traditions that view the body as temple through which we can commune with the divine.


Every evening after the second ecstatic dance of the day, you can expect live music from a variety of local, regional, and international acts. 


Rhythm and movement have been around far longer than the DJ mixer and the Spotify playlist. 


Including live music in the program is our way to honor the ancestral methods of reaching ecstatic states through dance. Also to recognize and give a platform to the amazing musical talent that exists in Mexico and beyond.


Let us remember the roots of rhythm, produced by the fingers, hands, feet and mouths of fellow human beings harmonizing their instruments together. 



The program of La Presencia is packed full of educational workshops to enlighten and inspire you with the wisdom and practices of fellow human beings that have dedicated their livelihoods to their sacred offering. 


There will be 4 intensive 3 day workshops on the subjects of Vocal Freedom, Authentic Relating, Contact Improvisation, and Permaculture.


There will also be a variety of 1-day workshops available to attend on many different subjects pertaining to Somatic Exploration, Earth Tending, Art Making, Astrology, and more! There will be more detailed explanations of these offerings and their facilitators once we release the Festival Program. 


yoga & MEditation

We will start everyday with a  1 hour guided meditation, followed by 1 hour of yoga offered by a variety of teachers. 


Yoga translates to union. Union of matter to spirit, body to mind, mortal to immortal, heaven to earth. It is the ancient practice of viewing the body as the divine portal.


The yogic tradition has long been revered for its powerful ability to create harmony and centeredness in individuals through meditation, breathe, and asana (postures, flow, physical aspects). 


Since these offerings are in the morning during the silence hours, it creates the option to be guided in our silence by practitioners who live and breathe these techniques. 


A temazcal is a type of sweat lodge which originated with the pre-hispanic indigenous peoples in Mesoamerica. Similar practices are traditional amongst many indigenous groups throughout the Americas.


These ceremonies are held to purify the body & spirit through the release of sweat, and pray to the earth elements & directions through intentional gathering, songs, and chanting. 


At La Presencia, there is a ceremony first thing every morning by the river. Our beloved “temazcaleros” have been holding these spaces for many years and will guide you through a cleansing of the body and spirit.

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Vision of the Heart, which is the non-profit intermediary between the land and the festival has various projects they are working on designed to bring more abundance to the land in forms of food, finance, healing, and cultural diversity. 

These projects look like gardening, building new bamboo structures, repairing old structures, english lessons, art classes, and more. 

It is highly encouraged that every attendee at the festival commits to at least 3 hours of service during their time on the land. There will be an opportunity to sign up for time slots upon your arrival to the festival. 


Art as a broad term encompasses everything we do here at La Presencia. The Art of Event Production. The Art of Sound. The Art of Dance. The Art of Connection. The Art of building bridges between communities.


It is one giant art activation. To remind us of this, and to revere art as a powerful tool for manifesting the future we want to see in our communities and the world, there will be some collaborative art projects that anyone can participate in during dance or in down time. 


Historically we have done Ecstatic Painting, which is essentially a collaborative painting happening next to ecstatic dance. You can expect some of this, as well as other living installations at La Presencia for you to actively participate in. 



Throughout the festival, there will be several private and group ceremonies offering the medicines of Cacao & Psilocybin.


You will have an opportunity to sign up for them upon your arrival to the festival.

HEaling Sessions

There will be a variety of massage therapists onsite, as well as other types of healing sessions such as kambo, aguahara, breathe work, ice bath.

There will be an opportunity to schedule appointments based on their availability upon your arrival, throughout the week 

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