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La Presencia is children-friendly!!

Children from 0-14 enter for free.

We encourage families to come in full power.


This naturally brings multi-generational awareness to the space. It helps us reflect on our behavioral patterns and how they ripple outward to the communal space. 

Also, we believe it is crucial that the stewards of our future are exposed to this ecstatic magic. 


We will have Kid facilitators that will do daily activities with the children involving environmental awareness, creative expression, physical activity and more!


Pets are not permitted at La Presencia Festival. 

As much as we would love to welcome them, there are many dogs and other animals already inhabiting the land. 

For the safety of your pet, our pets, and the overall flow and tranquility of the experience, please leave your furry friends at home. 

As you can see in the photograph, Yoshi, one the canines recently gave birth to puppies!! How cute!! 




Our organization is committed to prohibiting alcohol and hard drug consumption at our gatherings. 


One of our core missions is to show the people the potential of the heart/mind/body to reach a state of ecstasy on their own.

However, what is considered a "drug" is an ongoing discussion amongst our core team.


For now, we permit medicines which can be directly harvested from the earth  in conscious doses.

Is it white and powdery? Did it pass through a lab?

If so, please don't bring it. 


We want maintain a harmonious family friendly vibe. Know yourself. Know your limits.


 If it is brought to our awareness that someone is consuming, we will kindly ask to confiscate the substance and return it at the end of the festival. 


Silence hours

Silence can be hard to come by at exciting gatherings.

There are so many interesting conversations to be had and life-long connections to nurture. 

However, with adequate doses of silence, we can more effectively integrate these powerful experiences in our individual journey. 

It is a core intention of La Presencia to encourage this through our program. That is why every night/morning from 11PM-11AM there will be silence hours. We will also have 1 whole day of silence after the Full Moon Galactic Journey. 

The land has an abundance of natural spaces for you to be in the silence with yourself. Where the only sounds to be heard is a running river, birds chirping, and breeze caressing the trees.


As an organization, we are in full support and encouragement of nudity in our spaces.


However, we maintain awareness of surrounding cultures, traditions, and perspectives that we may encounter in our event spaces. 


Some locals may be disturbed by casual nudity. We would like to respect that by keeping Nudity to designated spaces.


For now, we welcome nudity in the Somatic Jungle (main dance floor) and all the river spots on the land.

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