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The Ecstatic Family interwove their dreams and visions of conscious space creation starting 3 years ago on the

Oaxacan Coast.


Their efforts began on a smaller scale, making single-day ecstatic dance events in the towns of Mazunte, Zipolite, and Ventanilla. 


These events offer a unique flavor of Ecstatic Dance, integrating a variety of expressions & modalities into the ecstatic experience. Demonstrating that there are many trails to the same peak that is Ecstatic Presence. Every individual is empowered to choose their own way.


The consistency, devotion, and pure love initiated in these spaces paved the way for a much longer & deeper immersion…


that which became La Presencia Festival, First Edition. 


Received by a land so vast & luscious...

welcomed by a people so warm-hearted & curious...

powered by a team so devoted to & trusting of the vision...


we saw the manifestation take a beautifully chaotic life of its own. 


Since the first edition, The Ecstatic Family has been deep in reflection & integration.


Hearts full of gratitude for all that flowed so well..

Minds full of improvements for what was challenging..

Bodies full of pure elation that the vision lives on


The baby that is La Presencia is growing up, and all the parents are still on board to nurture it, and empower it to grow.


to continue its legacy,

There is a brand new invitation... 


La Presencia Festival

2nd Edition

an Invocation

A summoning back to earth through the body

A 3-day gathering on the land of Vista Hermosa offering a program exploring all the ways we can drop deeper into ecstatic presence with self, with community, and with the earth on which we roam.

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Footage from La Presencia 1st edition

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